fake 1 |fāk|
a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham : the painting was a fake.
• a person who appears or claims to be something that they are not.
See note at quack .
• a pretense or trick : his excuse for coming was a fake.
not genuine; counterfeit : fake designer clothing | expressing fake emotions.
• (of a person) claiming to be something that one is not : a fake doctor.
verb [ trans. ]
forge or counterfeit (something) : the woman faked her spouse's signature.
• pretend to feel or suffer from (an emotion or illness) : he had begun to fake a bad stomach ache.
• make (an event) appear to happen : he faked his own death.
• accomplish (a task) by improvising : all the experts agree that you can't fake it
• Music improvise : he fakes the melody line of a standard tune.

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gab dijo...

"hoy no creo ni en mi mismo, todo es truco todo es falso".
ya no sabes ni que hacer, ni porq hacerlo¿? llevo un año o mas tratando de entender este infierno pero igual el agua tarde o temprano se enfria. la pose lo unico que hace es entretenernos; has alucinado el teatro real¿? si quieres me usas para pegarme un tiro en la cara!! yo juego! creo que te falkta una chispa de algo, no se de que.. .... pero de algo.
something that one is not. . .